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The Business: Miamika Associates

Miamika Associates was established in June of 1987 as a Technology Management and Design Services business for the development of technological innovations, concepts, and products. It has emerged as a Management, Technical, and Design Services consulting firm which integrates technology strategy into its business planning processes. Miamika's objective is to anticipate business opportunities and secure the competitive advantages inherent in technological change.

Based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, one of the major advancing technology centers worldwide, Miamika is accessible to private industry and governmental agencies. The diverse social, economic and business structure of this location provides a unique environment which Miamika utilizes to serve client organizations throughout the U.S and overseas. Miamika's approach is to integrate the technology elements of its business with its marketing and financial components in order to develop a business base that leads to the successful implementation of business strategies.

The main objective of Miamika's strategy is to capitalize on the emerging relationship of international economies and markets which lend to the distribution of technology. The exploitation of world cultures will realize a new horizon of products, designs and materials which can be integrated into future projects undertaken by Miamika. Miamika's growth is based on a time-phased advancement built on three distinctive business units. These business units consist of Start-up, Base, and Developing Business Units.

So, who says friends and business don't mix?